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24 March 2002
I am sorry to say that Retro View will no longer be updated in its current form. This is mainly because, at the present time, I simply do not have the time to update the site. I am hoping however, to re-launch some time this year, in a format which will make it easier to update - possibly re-written using PHP (once I've learnt it!) and a database back-end. I am thinking of leaving out the high score sections but everything else will remain intact. If you have any ideas you would like to see included in the new version of Retro View, please use the discussion board, or email me. I owe a big thank you to everybody who has contributed reviews, tips, high scores to Retro View and those whose kind words have motivated me to continue with the site in the past. And of course, a huge thanks to the guys at Mameworld for hosting the site.

See you when we're back up :)

12 October 2001
After another two month hiatus, Retro View is finally back. Hopefully the next update won't take quite so long ;) Apologies to GTi, Andy Haywood and Randy Femrite who have been waiting patiently for their reviews to go up. So here they are respectively - Bagitman (C64) ~ I, Robot (Arcade) ~ Fort Apocalypse (Atari 8-bit). Thanks guys - please keep sending those reviews in and again, sorry for the wait. More goodies to come soon so stay tuned ...
28 July 2001
Our most prolific contributor GTi has left his Spectrum alone for a minute to concentrate on the C64, and has reviewed the classic Wizball. Cheers GTi :) And sticking with the C64, another one from me, this time Mega Apocalypse. Both these reviews are now up on the Commodore 64 reviews page, which is now home to 13 reviews - huzzah!
11 July 2001
Sega's thrilling, technically impressive and rather successful coin-op Space Harrier spawned conversions on many home formats, with varying degrees of success. Here, I have reviewed the Master System version - technically at least, an accomplished conversion, but how does it fair in the playability stakes?
You may also want to check out these hidden options ...
08 July 2001
Super Smash TV, the SNES conversion of the classic coin-op gets the review treatment. I'd buy that for a dollar ...
06 July 2001
OK, here's a bit of an odd one - GTi has sent in a review of a Spectrum game called Komando II which turns out to be an unofficial Russian sequel to Commando. Intrigued, I decided to try out the game myself, and I'm tempted to say it's even better than the original!! Does anybody know of any more obscure Eastern European goodies we should know about? If there are any more out there of this quality please let us know!!
Oh, I also amended GTi's Commando review as I somehow managed to get the percentages completely wrong (blame it on the heat), and I beat my rather meagre Robotron score - hoorah!
05 July 2001
Once more, GTi bestows another Spectrum review on us and once more it's of a game beginning with the letter 'C' :) This time Commando - check it out!
Marcelo has asked for help finding a game on our discussion board - anyone recognise this game from his description ... ?

  • The games is a kinda japanese.
  • The main character is a ladybug, that has to climb up a tree.
  • The ladybug shoots her enemies (with the 1st button), turning them into fruit.
  • The ladybug can fly (with the 2nd button), wich makes her move faster.
  • Eating the fruits the ladybug can add more time to fly.
  • When the ladybug reaches the top of the tree, has to kill a boss... a spider I think.

    Know this game? Why not head on over to our discussion board and reveal all ...
  • 26 June 2001
    A couple of reviews from me - Beamrider on Atari 2600 and Turmoil on the Spectrum. Why not discuss these in our increasingly ghost-town-like discussion forum?? :)
    George Anastasiadis has sent news of a cool tribute page he has created dedicated to Jaleco coin-op Exerion containing tons of information about this blast from the past. To be honest, this is not a game I had played before, so I tried it out and you know what? It's pretty darned good! Check out his page if you're a fan and if you're not, may I suggest giving it a quick whirl in MAME? :)
    06 June 2001
    More great ZX Spectrum reviews from GTi available for your reading pleasure. This time three arcade conversions - Arkanoid, WEC Le Mans and Outrun. Enjoy!! Cheers GTi :)
    19 May 2001
    Back at last! After a two month hiatus (moving house, finishing beta project at work, having a life blah blah blah) we're back with some reviews for your reading pleasure and a whole lot more to look forward to. First up is GTi's review of the much revered Lords of Midnight for the Spectrum. Tell ya what, give us a tenner and I'll chuck in a map and list of commands too. Can't say fairer than that eh guv?
    Next up - Armalyte, that epic Commodore 64 shoot'em-up scrutinised by another Retro View regular, Andy Haywood.
    And last but (hopefully) not least, a review of my own (a rare beast these days, I vote we extend each day to 36 hours, any followers?) - Power Blade, a textbook example of a solid, playable, yet wholly derivative platform shooter for the NES. More soon, stay tuned ...
    14 March 2001
    High scores are the order of the day as GTi takes the #1 slot on the arcade version of Bomb Jack, defeats his own score on the Spectrum version of Bomb Jack and struts his stuff with a pretty decent score on Knight Lore - also on the spectrum. Also, I've added a score of my own - for Spider Fighter on the Atari 2600. See if you can beat any of those :)
    07 March 2001
    The Sabreman series of games occupy a special place in the hearts of many a ZX Spectrum fan, including myself, and so it is with a big silly grin that I present GTi's excellent review of Knight Lore, the third and probably best adventure in the series. Not content with one review, GTi has also reviewed Cashcade, a gameshow-style quiz also on the Spectrum, which is just a little less awe inspiring than Knight Lore :)
    The Gameboy Tetris scores have had a bit of a shake-up, with the top slot now occupied by Simon Newton from the UK, with an incredible score of 356 lines! Also, thanks to Joe Klaers, we now have our first NES score, which is also for Tetris. His score? A whopping 562 lines! Cheers fellers :)
    22 February 2001
    I thought I'd sneak in one of my own reviews today, so donning my favourite cap complete with propeller on top, I have turned my attention towards the fabulous Nebulus for the Commodore 64. If you would like to review a game and receive worldwide recognition *cough* - you'd better go here.
    20 February 2001
    Even more from GTi - the man's a machine I tell you!! Two high scores - Bank Panic (Arcade) & Captain Dynamo (Spectrum) - and yet another review - Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons(!). Cheers blokey :)

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