Hideki Ishikawa and Shuichi Katagi
Despite being the inspiration behind the criminally under-rated Sonic 3D Blast and conversions appearing on both the Megadrive and Master System, Flicky remains one of Sega's more low-key titles. Its cutesy appearance and simplistic gameplay probably account for this.

Played across a series of wraparound screens (each only a few screens wide), the objective is to guide Flicky the duck in his quest to rescue the baby ducks (Piopio) scattered around each level. This is accomplished by 'collecting' each bird and depositing it at an exit door. Collected birds trail behind Flicky and this causes a problem when the obligatory foes - in this case foxes called Nyannyan - are near. The Piopio become seperated from Flicky if they come into contact with Nyannyan. Needless to say, Flicky loses a life if it is he himself who collides with one of the foxes. All is not in Nyannyan's favour however, as dotted around each level are items that Flicky can use to thwart his enemies. A well aimed flowerpot or apple disposes of Nyannyan quicker than you can say 'glacier mints'.

Bonus points are awarded for speed of completion of a level, and for the amount of Piopio deposited at one time. There is also a bonus game between levels, which sees Flicky holding a net in which he must catch falling Piopio catapulted into the air by those sly devils the Nyannyan.

Later levels see the appearance of a caterpillar-like creature called Choro, and the platforms become more maze-like. And that's it. I said it was a simple game didn't I?

Collecting all the Piopio and depositing them at once is the route to a high score ... as if I'd know

Wow - Flicky is one addictive game! Sure, the graphics are small and cutesy and the game is very simple, but trust me, give it a few goes and you'll be hooked! The controls are nice and responsive and our hero is certainly a very manoueverable one. Twisting about in mid-air - baby ducks following in a convincing arc - while avoiding the enemy is an absolute joy, and an experience not to be missed. For a shot of pure, quick, hugely enjoyable gaming action, ignore the screenshots above and give Flicky a go - it really is as good as my manic ranting suggests.

Graphics: 64%

Sound: 48%

Gameplay: 91%

Overall: 86%
Well-formed sprites, although a little small and perhaps too 'cute' for some. Average level scenery. Cutesy, cheesy tune and average effects. Not the most complex game by any stretch of the imagination but instantly and devilishly playable. Responsive controls, good level design, er ... look - just go and play it OK!! A Sega classic. Simple, but great fun.
R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S
Bomb Jack

O T H E R   F O R M A T S
Sonic 3D Blast (Megadrive)

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