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Andy Haywood

Four people crowded around a single arcade machine, all hurling insults and occasional swear words at each other - New friendships were sometimes formed and old ones often tested during lengthy Gauntlet sessions, such was the addictively competitive nature of the game. True multi-player gaming was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public for the first time in gaming history and became an instant classic. The desire to see what was lurking around the next corner or on the next level drained the pocket of game players everywhere. Gauntlet truly is an arcade legend.

Graphics: 80%

Sound: 90%

Gameplay: 70%

Overall: 80%
Smooth, colourful and highly detailed, the amount of enemy sprites on screen at any one time is incredible. Nothing chills the soul more than hearing the words; 'Blue elf is about to die!'. The speech is superb throughout and the spot effects increase the overall atmosphere. Fast and frantic, the best fun can be had from stealing food right out from under another player's nose. Gets quite repetitive after lengthy play. The first game to introduce players to the delights of multi-player gaming. A true gaming legend that influenced countless games over the following years. Throw a couple of mates and a few beers into the mix and watch the sparks fly.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S
Gauntlet 2 • Smash TV • Total Carnage

O T H E R   F O R M A T S
The Chaos Engine (Commodore 64) • Druid (Commodore 64)

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