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I, Robot
Dave Theurer
Andy Haywood
Atari spent 3 years developing the hardware to run this game. Harware so advanced that it would take the rest of the industry several years to catch up. The result was a game so unique, so utterly, bewilderingly ahead of its time, that it was a commercial flop. This is surely one of the biggest video game injustices of all time (together with the Dreamcast's commercial failure). Take your pick of innovations; Filled, "solid" polygon graphics, the ability to switch camera angles, the pointless yet strangely hypnotic "lightgame"... when I think that this game was a flop, I can only hang my head and weep...

Graphics: 100%

Sound: 75%

Gameplay: 97%

Overall: 100%
Okay, by today's standards they do look a little plain, but at the time there was literally NOTHING like them. Anywhere. Fast, solid, wholly atmospheric and quite superb. And that 3d gameplay staple, the ability to switch camera angles, appeared here first. Nothing too remarkable or offensive here. Typical shoot-em-up effects. There is no in-game or title screen music whatsoever, but this only adds to the game's earie atmosphere. A bit like Amidar (you colour bits of the landscape in) and a bit like Star Wars (3d shooty-type stuff) yet far superior to both. Gameplay was fast and furious yet at the same time quite tactical. Jumping had to be timed perfectly and intelligent use of the "camera" button was required in later levels. Fantastic. I don't like giving games 100%, that implies perfection and surely NOTHING is perfect? Wrong. At the time of I, Robot's release NOTHING came close to matching it for sheer innovation and presentation. The shoot-em-up gameplay is simple enough as a concept, but has never been executed better than it was here. Everything just feels right.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S
erm ... • ...??... • ...okay, Star Wars I guess

O T H E R   F O R M A T S
You're kidding, right?

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