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Fort Apocalypse
Atari XEGS
Steve Hales
Randy Femrite
As commander of the special task force team it's up to you to rescue your men pinned down under enemy attack from the dreaded KRALTHANS deep inside Fort Apocalypse. Although your Rocket-Chopter is equipped with both Plasma Bombs and Interceptor Rockets you'll still have to dodge all manner of enemy attackers including Robo-Choppers, air mines and drone tanks which fire deadly surface- to -air missiles.

Your objective is simple: rescue your men (16 in all), destroy the Fort and return safely. Problem is along the way you'll have to blast through impact shields, survive being transported through Hyper-Chambers, try not to get annihilated in the Laser-Chamber, avoid the SPMs (Self Propelled Mines) and negotiate Rotating Field Envelopes, both horizontal and vertical. Your only support comes in the form or your Navatron, a long-range aid to navigation as well as source of information about terrain and enemies in the area. You will also find various landing pads scattered throughout the Fort which will serve as the starting point for your replacement copter in the event yours is destroyed.

Fort Apocalypse offers features similar to those found in other XE games such as Choplifter and Defender, however the Defense Network of the Fort is what gives this game its unique playing style. You will have options for setting the difficulty level, gravity and number of Rocket-Chopters in each game. Upon completing your mission you will receive a rating computed according to the level of difficulty and the amount of time required to complete your mission.

Note: For this review, I used a Jaguar controller with my XEGS thanks to an adaptor I purchased from Best Electronics.

Drat ... dead end ...

Grr ... the old skipping rope trick eh?

Fort Apocalypse - just like Apocalypse Now. Sort of.

Graphics: 75%

Sound: 70%

Gameplay: 80%

Overall: 75%
Good use of colors to differentiate between characteristics of similar obstacles retaining different dangers. Defender-like Navatron is a nice touch to help with navigation through the Fort. No in-game music, but enough special effects to let you know there's plenty of action going on. The objective is to get to the graphics rich center of the Fort, activate the detonator, then escape before all hell breaks loose. Each mission is timed and different levels of difficulty are available, giving Fort Apacolypse varying degrees of difficulty and challenge.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S

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