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Commodore 64
Aardvark Action Software
This was the first C64 game I ever played. I played it with a friend of mine (an old soccer mate - where are you?!).

He turbo-taped the game and there it was: doedoedoeoe doedoedoe doeoeoeo. And so on. Man, that sound. I was amazed. I had/have a Spectrum (beep beep) and although I still play on it I then forced my parents to buy a C64. The C64 was unbeatable in the sound department.

In this game you are a prisoner working in a coalmine where you have to collect all the bags of gold and put them in your wheelbarrow.

Not an easy task. There are guards chasing you and there is a time limit for each bag of gold. The faster you put a bag in the wheelbarrow the higher your bonus points. But when carrying a bag your movement is slower, so watch out for the guards!

You can temporarily put the guards out by dropping your goldbag on their heads or by using a pickaxe (ouch!) on them. They must have a hard head because after a while they continue to chase you.

The 3 split-screens are connected to each other via mine shafts so you don't have to take all the gold bags on the first screen to continue. To go faster in-between you can take a barrow.

The character animation is minimum (your character walks like a German beer dancer) but the backdrops are very "mineish" and recognisable.

Thanks to MAME I discovered that this game was based on an arcade version which plays exactly the same.

I still didn't get all the bags so I don't know how it ends.

Pulled out all the stops here then ...

Run man, run! Don't dance ...

... or fall down a mineshaft ...

Graphics: 70%

Sound: 85%

Gameplay: 75%

Overall: 76%
Minimum animation but colourful backdrop theme. Help. Get that music out of my head!!! The sounds effects are great too. A typical arcade platformer. Sometimes it can be frustrating if your character is being chased and he doesn't seem to move up a ladder. There's also some strategy and planning to be done here. The best little arcade platformer on the C64. Before publishers needed to have licences that is.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S

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