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Commodore 64
Andrew Braybrook
Andy Haywood
A deceptively simple premise; you control a simple low-powered droid who has to infiltrate a ship over-run by rebel droids and clear the ship - either by shooting them or by 'transferring' and taking over control of them (by far the best tactic). I stumbled on this game almost by accident. I had a few quid burning a hole in my pocket and decided that my C64 game collection needed some fresh blood. The only reason I picked up Paradroid was because the cover carried the symbol of a Zzap64 Gold Medal - Zzap was the C64 gaming bible of the time and if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for me. It took all of five minutes of play to realise that never has a Gold Medal been more deserved. Paradroid is nothing less than a work of genius.

These screenshots really don't do this classic game any justice ...

This ingenious subgame must be won before you are
allowed to take control of a new droid

Graphics: 90%

Sound: 80%

Gameplay: 100%

Overall: 98%
Well defined, bas-relief backdrops (remember bas-relief?) combined with fast, ultra smooth 8-way scrolling - particualarly on the 'Heavy Metal' edition. Cute monochrome robot sprites too. Suitably 'robotic' sounding, with all the necessary beeps, crackles. Your droid even emmits a muffled 'ow' when shot by another droid. Brilliant stuff. Absolute perfection. Striking a perfect balance between arcade and strategy, Paradroid requires quick thinking and fast reflexes in equal measure. Absorbing and utterly addictive. Nothing has matched it in the 16 years since its release. My favourite C64 game ever. If ever a game was crying out to be up-dated...

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S
Bobby Bearing • Morpheus • Floyd the Droid

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