Skate Rock
Commodore 64
Bubble Bus
Richard Clark
Ah, skateboarding. Now that brings back some memories eh? Scraped knees and scratched boards, performing tricks, jumping up and down kerbs and stair rails, 20 feet up on a half-pipe..... Actually I would guess that for most, childhood memories of skateboarding consists of falling over a lot while wearing terrible looking safety gear forced on by worried parents.

Skate Rock recreates those wild days of youth giving players the chance to speed along residential streets doing what 'skaters' do - swerving about, dodging everyday pedestrian obstacles such as cars, cones, dogs and members of the public while jumping over ramps placed in the road (!) and collecting ... er ... flags. Yes, flags. Look, don't ask me, go ask Tony Hawks. Maybe they have skaters' flag collecting clubs or something.

To progress through the game, players must collect every flag and reach the end of each course within a set time limit. Achieving this objective is made difficult by various obstructions including vehicles, people, animals, broken bridges(!) and so on. Four lives are given at the start of each level and one is lost each time your skateboarder hits an obstruction that would cause him to fall off his beloved 'vehicle'. Any time left over gets carried forward and added to your allotted time when the next course begins.

Nice clear screenshot for ya ...

Complete a level and witness the long lost art of 'bodypopping' - cool or what?

Horribly blocky graphics aside, I quite like Skate Rock and find myself playing it quite a bit from time to time. Although clearly lacking any particularly outstanding qualities, overall it plays very fluidly and offers a decent challenge. Having said that, the game's scope is quite limited so don't expect to be playing for hours at a time. In-game music is provided in the form of some vaguely hip-hoppy beats which works well given the subject matter. The control system works very well (best with a joypad) and the game is similar to Paperboy in many ways - only much better. Skate Rock is one of the few playable skateboarding games available and although it's not a game for everyone, it's definitely worth a look.

Graphics: 44%

Sound: 76%

Gameplay: 71%

Overall: 69%
Pretty horrible really. Blocky Lego-Land scenery and flat looking inhabitants are the order of the day here. The animation on the skater is quite good (see him perform some body-popping!) but at times his leg looks as though it bends the wrong way!!?! Music is good comprising of hip-hop beats during play and a Rob Hubbard style title tune. Sound effects are unimaginative and sparse. Playable but may be too simplistic for some. Good controls and imaginatively designed levels. Not outstanding in any way, Skate Rock still manages to offer a degree of fun - albeit simplistic - gameplay and is worthy of investigation.
R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S
Skate or Die

O T H E R   F O R M A T S
720º (Arcade) • Paperboy (Arcade)

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