World Games
Commodore 64
Matt Decker, Joe Simko, Chris Desterling, Doug Dragin, Bob MacDowell, Jay Braman, Jeff Webb, Brent DeGraaf, Steve Mage
Year: 1986. Location: Epyx headquarters....

"OK, we've done two editions of Summer Games - I think we've pretty much exhausted the track and field events. Winter Games 2?"
"mmm...I think we're out of winter events to be honest."
The room becomes silent bar the sound of pens being chewed and the scratching of heads. Then....
"I know - why don't we make an edition where players can take part in lesser-known, native sports from countries across the globe!! Like... like... erm....Sumo wrestling!!"
"Now there's an idea....hmmm..."
"Yeah!!....what about....cliff diving in Mexico...?"
"Hey, now we're getting somewhere"
"This is brilliant....what about ... caber tossing in Scotland?"
"What?? Who the hell is Caber?? And since when did THAT become a sport?!?"

And so the idea for World Games was born. Well, not exactly in the way I've described but I'm sure it was very similar. Probably.

A continuation of Epyx's highly successful 'Games' series, World Games allows up to eight players to take part in a variety of unusual sports from various exotic locations across the globe. Specifically these are...Barrel Jumping, Caber Toss, Cliff Diving, Sumo Wrestling, Log Rolling, Bull Riding, Slalom Skiing and

"Weightlifting?...we can't use that...Konami did that two years ago in Hypersports!.."
"Ah, shaddup!"

As with the other games in the series, instead of a 'Track & Field' approach to the events, a unique control method has been designed for each sport requiring precise timing and co-ordination rather than mouth-foaming all-out button-bashing. For example, in the Barrel Jumping event,the skater's speed is increased by joystick movements in rhythm with the skater's legs. The 'Snatch and Jerk' weightlifting method is achieved by performing a series of six well-timed joystick movements. And so on.

Upon loading the game, the opening menu offers the option to practise (recommended!) or compete in any number of events, or view the current stored records. When competing, players get to choose a country to represent and even get to hear a burst (an out-of-tune burst in the case of Britain!) of the chosen nation's often ill-advised national anthem. Each event is loaded seperately and is preceded by a travelogue detailing location, history and a brief description of the sport.

The trick here is to keep his legs in time with the log, then suddenly change direction - it's not easy though

Frank leapt just in time and managed to avoid the deadly giant arrow

How not to do the bullriding event

A large proportion of negative statements directed at emulation go something like this....'bah - emulation....I eagerly loaded 'Return of Cake Monsters' expecting the wonderful, graphically stunning game I remember from 1983....I was disappointed and wished I hadn't bothered...blah blah...ruined the nostalgia...burble left in the past....'..etc...etc....
OK, sometimes this can be true - a classic game from the past, loaded today can look and play like a brick. Lost treasures like World Games on the other hand have me leaping around thanking the stars above for those clever people we know as 'emulator programmers'. Quality graphics, fluid animation, faultless gameplay, brilliant sound (er...except for the national anthems) - what more could you want? Each event has its own cleverly designed control method and has a very unique and convincing 'feel'. Techniques are easy to get the hang of but very difficult to master and trying to beat your last world record can be infuriatingly addictive. Fun played by one, a riot with friends - World Games is a testament to the quality in presentation and gameplay Epyx strived for....and achieved.

Graphics: 90%

Sound: 81%

Gameplay: 96%

Overall: 95%
Clear, stylish graphics coupled with fluid, lifelike animation. Full of nice touches - the skier warming up before the slalom, the Scottish dance after a successful caber toss, the seagull on the rock in the cliff diving event....etc. Brilliant. Excellent. Realistic effects alongside very convincing SID interpretations of music native to each location. Just don't mention the national anthems. A mile apart from other sports games - World Games plays like nothing else. Although some events are much more simple than others, every event has a unique 'feel' and requires a different skill to master. A quality product in every department.
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