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Cabal (128k version)
ZX Spectrum
Special FX
Well this game was originally produced by Tad Corporation in 1986. Back then a newbie on the arcade front and it was/is a great game.

You had to shoot constantly at soldiers, tanks, trucks, helicopters and other war stuff who where coming from the side of the screen. The game had static screens and you moved to the next level by completing the red bar. The red bar was increased every time you killed something (and that includes some scenery). At the end of every four screens there was the "end of level boss". It was popular because you could demolish some scenery (the first game I think in that genre).

The Spectrum version follows the arcade game excellently. All the backdrops and baddies are present. There are 20 screens, split up into 5 levels of 4 screens each and there are plenty of baddies. The screens are always crowded with big fat soldiers and tanks who are trying to kill you. Luckily, they didn't practice enough, because they don't aim very well. But they compensate for this by their masses.

There is a constant flow of soldiers (more than on the other computer version) which have no impact on the cpu's speed. I even noticed a speed increase everytime you demolished the scenery.

It was great to shoot at the scenery. The houses had a crack or two and then went down. The C64 version didn't included the cracks but the Spectrum did.

The backdrops are colourful (reminds me of the Bomb Jack backdrops). The sprites, although monochrome, are big and detailed. Your character has unlimited ammo so you can keep your finger all the time on the fire button (and you need to do this!) It's better to collect the gun bonuses so you can wack them faster. The only limited supply of weapons are the hand grenades.

The only minor negative point is the bullet detection; you can see them coming, but sometimes you think it's going beside you but it's not ... And your character doesn't seem to do a roll-over, he just walks left and right.

The 128k version (which I'm playing) had good music and sound effects (although limited).

Did you know: That there is a bonus screen. On the title screen you have to press the right combination of keys to activate this (anyone?).

Did you know: There was a sequel named Blood Brothers which was never released. There was a Blood Brothers game by Gremlin Graphics.

'Mummy! ... the scary skeleton face is back ... and he's
wearing that funny hat again ...'

Choose option 4 for the bonus furniture greeting
subgame ...

Hold on a minute - I'm just doing up me shoelaces ...

Nyaarghh!! Mass destruction!! Doh ... blasted laces ... grumble ... rant ...

Graphics: 92%

Sound: 85%

Gameplay: 93%

Overall: 90%
Static colourful backdrops with great attention to detail. Big fat sprites. Pity that the crazy man walking by the end of each screen is not included. Loved that on the arcade version. Good 128K tunes and sound effects. Although some may find this game a bit repetitive, I still play it with joy. It has this thing where you want to discover the next screen or to get another high score. Another one for the "one more try" bag. Who hasn't played this?

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S

O T H E R   F O R M A T S
Blood Brothers (SNES) • Operation Wolf (C64) • Operation Thunderbolt (Amiga)

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