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Captain Dynamo
ZX Spectrum
Lyndon Sharp
This little game started well. It had a lovely loading and menu screen. And when you started the game your Captain counted down in real speech from three to one. So far so good.

It reminded me immediately of Rainbow Islands. It is a vertical scoller where you have to collect diamonds and reach the top where you are beamed up to the next level. You don't need to collect all the diamonds but when finished each diamond is worth 1000 points.

Timing is important. You will see this on the first level where the beams are. But nevertheless collecting the diamonds isn't that difficult. After a few tries I almost reached the end of level 2 (or must I say cavern 2).

There are 12 caverns with diamonds and some baddies. I encountered in the first 2 caverns gigantic worms and spiders. They are easily killed by jumping on their head but they return when you fall back too far. So watch out where you land. If you collect an "S" icon, you will start from that point again.

The in-game graphics are clear and the animation is very good, like your character's cap flapping behind him and other little details. I played the 128k version but I think this is only a demo version. Initially it was meant to be released as a 128k only version, but Codemasters changed this. So you can expect some great tunes. Pity the spot effects are still 48Kish. Anyone got the 128k full version or am I wrong?

Some may find it hard but if you practise you will get past the beams and other hazards.

Sinclair User:
Rating: 88%

Did you know: Codemasters actively discourages distribution of their 8-bit games.

Don't you just love spectrum loading screens?

Here's the Captain ... and he's ... er ... dynamoing ...

See! I told you it was a word. You fought I didn't know
how to speak proper, innit ...

Graphics: 89%

Sound: 75%

Gameplay: 70%

Overall: 78%
Your main character may be on the small site but he and all the other charaters are well animated. Colourful graphics and great presentation on the menu screen. Three, two, one, go. Yes, some real sound. 128k music or 48Kish spot effects to choose from. My first score was 3,100. Give it a try and you'll do better. A bit difficult but don't press ALT-F4 too quickly! Well presented difficult platformer where timing is the key.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S

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