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Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons (128k)
ZX Spectrum
What a name?!

This is a Gauntlet clone with a tad more of a strategy element.

You have to shoot enemies (the Blaster-Trons?) who come out of generators like the skeletons in Gauntlet. Collect cards to open doors (which whoosh open), solve some puzzles all to reach the teleport where you are beamed up to the next level.

There are different coloured doors which can only be opened by objects resembling coloured cards. Your armour and life supply is limited so you'd better collect those too. You can gain life by getting the little green dots (credits) and putting them in the blue collectors. Your gun can be overheated so don't hold your finger on the fire button for too long.

You have to solves puzzles on each level to reach the teleporter like touching red switches in the right order to lift up the beam which is blocking your way to another screen. You've got to hurry because there is a time limit.

Did you know: Psyclapse is owned by Psygnosis who, like Codemasters, still prohibits distribution of their ancient games.

The Captain and his shorter Siamese twin ...

Health cards eh? I wonder if they take them in Boots ... ?

Graphics: 40%

Sound: 75%

Gameplay: 60%

Overall: 58%
Flip screen Gauntletish. The playing area is a bit small but everything is clear. Minimum animation but no colour clash. Unimaginitive sprites. Nice 128k title tune. Sound effects which make good use of the AY chip. Gets repetitive after a while. Thanks to the puzzles I found this better than Gauntlet on the strategic side. Playable with two on two separate screens. If you like Gauntlet, give this game a try.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S
Gauntlet • Ranarama

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