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ZX Spectrum
Iber Soft
This game comes from Spanish software house Iber Soft, the land of Dinamic, so I expected some great graphics.

As a casanova you have to collect some jewelry, but I think they might be bra's, while avoiding the usual baddies. You can shoot them with your mandolin but your ammo (music notes) is limited. Your ammo is replenished if you collect the "droppings" of the flying birds.

The flip screens are colourful with minimum colour clash. You have to climb up ladders or chains to reach higher pick-ups.

It's rather difficult because there is an endless stream of baddies, ranging from crazy women to men throwing knifes coming from left or right. And when you are trying to move up a ladder or chain there is little chance you will make it. Chances are you'll be hit by a women's heart.

I didn't get very far, so I can't tell you more for about the later screens.

Casanova? With that big girly wig? You sure?

'Dirty Old Git' might be a more suitable name for this
undie collecting romp methinks.

Graphics: 85%

Sound: 40%

Gameplay: 60%

Overall: 62%
Colourful and crisp backdrops. The sprites are very detailed and recognisable. There's some slow down when there is too much going on. No piccies on the menu screen. Terrible music just before you enter the menu screen (Bach? Mozart? through your beeper). The sound effects are passable. It's one of those games where you are almost instantly killed at the beginning of each game. I played it for 10 minutes and then gave up. Shame about the graphics. An average platform game. Like it or not.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S

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