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ZX Spectrum
Fast Back, never heard of this producer before. They produced this little multiple-choice quiz game where you need to "insert a coin" and choose between 3 topics after every question.

Everytime you get a correct answer you are rewarded with a coin. For the first round you need 3 coins to proceed. Also, for every correct answer you gain 5 points.

The questions vary from sport, science and pot pourri to other categories. After playing this for the fifth time, I saw some questions returning.

Thanks to the high score table and the need to collect the coins to proceed I played this with some interest.

The graphics are standard for this type of game. Sound is of BASIC quality.

The only other game Fast Back game produced was Telly Wise. Some sort of simulation game.

Well, they say money talks ...

You are the weakest link - goodbye!

Graphics: 30%

Sound: 30%

Gameplay: 60%

Overall: 40%
Standard graphics. If you like borders. Nothing special. Minimal but I don't find sound important for such games. There's a high score table and the need to collect coins keeps you playing for a while. Mediocre quiz game.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S
Trivial Pursuit

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