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Crazy Cars
ZX Spectrum
I first played this game in 1996. I heard the Amiga version was good fun but this version is a disappointment.

Although the road effect is smooth and the game runs at a fast pace (logical because it seems you're the only one on the road, only occasionally a car passes by) I found it very boring.

You first start with a Lotus (?) riding at a speed of maximum 200 MPH and your main purpose is driving ... and driving. There's no change of scenery when you get to further levels, although your car transforms from a Lotus to a Porsche. The only roadside scenery is some poles.

The main car sprite has only 3 animations (left, right and ahead) with no smoking tyres when you start. The only excitement comes from the big jumps of your car.

There were 2 sequels to this game, namely Crazy Cars 2 & 3. The latter never came out for the Spectrum, although there exists a demo (TR-dos version from Russia). Maybe the sequels are a bit more interesting.

For the sound department, please look beneath. There's nothing more to say.

Did you know: There is another - unrelated - Crazy Cars title from JB Software (1985) which is a clone of Joust.

Whatever you do, don't press 'enter'. It'll haunt you
for the rest of your life.

Exclusive: the true inspiration behind Chris De Burgh's melancholy hit 'Road to Hell'

The fact that these two screenshots look identical is no coincidence ...

Graphics: 30%

Sound: 20%

Gameplay: 25%

Overall: 25%
Boring sky, scenery and roadside effects. No variation at all. You call this sound? I thought there was something on my television (or monitor). I didn't try the 128k version. Boring. You just have to keep your finger on the accelerator. Did I say this was boring? Stick to Out Run or Chase HQ.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S

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