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Quite a simple little game produced by none other than legendary Nintendo coders Rare (or Ultimate Play the Game as they were then known), Jetpac puts you in control of one of videogaming's minor stars - Jetman. Working for the Acme Interstellar Transport Company, it is your mission to assemble rocketships that have been delivered to various planets throughout the galaxy. Once assembled, these rocketships must be loaded with fuel before Jetman can blast off to the next planet.

Each planet is of course infested with savage aliens hellbent on Jetman's destruction (it just wouldn't be right otherwise would it?) but luckily Jetman is armed with a jetpack (surprise, surprise!) and a laser. Each level is made up of a single screen with three platforms at the top. Jetman's job is to collect the pieces of rocketship scattered about the screen and drop them onto the ship's base. Once this is accomplished, fuel pods begin to fall onto the screen and these must also be deposited in the same way. Occasionally other goodies such as gems, treasure and gold will fall into the screen and these can be collected for bonus points. Once a rocket has been fully assembled and refuelled, Jetman must make his way into the ship to blast off to the next level where more aliens await.

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A far cry from the likes of Goldeneye, this ancient Rare production is surprisingly simple - blast the aliens, pick up the pieces, shoot some more aliens and that's it. What little of the game there is though, is very playable indeed and quite addictive. Graphics are basic but quite nicely done, sound is minimal and the overall presentation is quite bare. Overall Jetpac is great fun and ideal for those quick 15-minute sessions us gamers hanker for every now and then :O)

Graphics: 71%

Sound: 13%

Gameplay: 83%

Overall: 81%
Jetman is nicely animated and the aliens are well-defined but the overall look is quite bare. No music, a half decent laser sound and .. that's it! Simple but great fun to play. A very basic game by today's standards, Jetpac is still a very enjoyble blast. A great pick-up-and-play bast from the past.
R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S
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