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Knight Lore
ZX Spectrum
Ultimate Play the Game
Tim & Chris Stamper
This game started a new era in the Spectrum playfield. Everybody was wowed by it's fantastic isometric graphics and gameplay.

I've still got the original game in its large black cardboard box. It was quite expensive, a couple of pounds more than other games around at the time.

You are Sabreman (the same guy as in Sabre Wulf) and you have been bewitched with a deathly curse that transforms you into a werewolf when night falls. You can only be cured if you find the old dying wizard and his cauldron in the castle of Knight Lore. The cauldron shows you the charm you have to collect. You've got 40 days and nights to collect all the necessary charms, otherwise you will stay a werewolf forever. Now your quest begins.

There are many traps and charms to collect (Bottle, Sphere, Chalice, Bottle, Diamond, Sphere, Poison, Boot, Cup, Diamond, Poison, Boot, Chalice, Cup), monsters and hazards to avoid and platforms to jump. To obtain a charm can sometimes be frustrating. But after a while you will get to know most of the mazes by heart and know where to look first for the easier charms to collect. Hopefully the wizard will show you the charms you have already collected otherwise you do have to try the difficult ones.

From then on the screens next to the magician's were filled with charms I had collected, hoping he would show me the right one. I remember I had some 10 objects waiting to be dropped in the pot. But don't enter his area when you are the werewolf. He will cast a spell on you. Also some hazards move out of your way if you are Sabreman but chase you when you're the werewolf.

Your start point and charms are randomly generated each time you start the game so it can take a while before you know where you are.

The flip-screen mazes are beautifully detailed (even now they still look sharp), with 3D isometric scenery. Great dungeon and forest themes, a funny main sprite (who changes in a break dancing way into a werewolf). Sound effects are spot-on.

The game presentation is like all "Ultimate" games. A clean and colourful menu and end-game sequence with nice sound effects.

Knight Lore was the last game featuring Sabreman. The prequels are Sabre Wulf and Underwurlde. Some sources say you have to collect 6 charms, others say 7. I still haven't completed it, so I can't say.

Filmation: A unique process whereby you have complete freedom within the confines of your imagination, to do as you wish with any of the objects and items found within Knight Lore.


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Did you know: There is a dressed up version with 256 colour graphics. Gameplay hasn't changed. You can find it on the Emultronia web site. Needs a fast computer though. On my PII-233 it moved like a snail.

A wizard surfing on a huge croissant ...

Weird furniture in this castle

Please can we have our ball back mister?

Never a tree or lamppost around when you need one ...

Young fido still managed to raid the larder every night
despite his owner's best efforts to stop him ...

Graphics: 95%

Sound: 90%

Gameplay: 96%

Overall: 94%
Monochrome but detailed isometric graphics and sprites. There is some slow down but doesn't effect gameplay much. Featuring Filmation. Effective and great attention to detail. I got hooked from the first time. Can be frustrating for some. A "Collect and drop" game at its best. Random starting points and charms hold your interest. A Classic game. It was my first game that made most of my C64 friends really jealous.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S

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