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Komando II
ZX Spectrum
Microtech Systems
As I have fond memories of the original Commando game from Elite I thought this game would be some sort of official follow up that never saw the daylight. The zip file was named comando2, you see. But it is not, it is a Russian game and, guess what, it is programmed par excellence. And good fun too.

The game resembles Commando very closely but adds more sprite detail and has the graphics have less colour clash.

The game plot has something to do with nuclear radiation and getting to a helicopter at the end of the level, but I do not know precisely the purpose of the game. Just keep shooting.

The scrolling is smooth with no slow down even when there are lots of soldiers on screen. You don't die if you touch soldiers, like in Commando. But you do die by your own power-up weapons, like the grenade. If you throw one when standing in front of a wall you're wasted.

There is also more variety in the weapon department. If you free a hostage he gives you a power up weapon, like a bazooka or a flame thrower.

Some fun touches are added too like a soldier coming out of the public toilet.

There's still plenty of action going on at the Eastern Spectrum scene front. With a lot of beauties to discover. This is one of them and doesn't require knowledge of the Russian language.

OK he's dead, you can stop shooting him now ...

Rescue the hostage for extra weapons

Graphics: 85%

Sound: 70%

Gameplay: 85%

Overall: 80%
My copy has a crackers intro, nicely done. In game menu screen is a bit dull but the game itself boosts some great detailed and coloured graphics. Lots of variation in the scenery too. Good use of the AY chip on the title menu, but still no satisfying gun noise. Responsive controls and lots of action. A simple but very nice blaster. You can really see that the programmers had lots of fun playing Commando. All the frantic action is there with beefed up graphics. A not so known game that really deserves more attention.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S

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