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Lords of Midnight
ZX Spectrum
Mike Singleton
I remember playing this game from early morning till deep into the night.

The story and the characters absorb you like reading a Jack Vance fantasy story.

The main objective is to overthrow the Witchking Doomdark who is located far north in the Land of Midnight. He has put a spell of cold on the land.

You can complete the game in two ways. So when you start you have to plan whether or not you are going to invade Doomdark's Citadel situated high North or destroying the source of Doomdark's frost spell situated Northwest of the Citadel.

The troops of Doomdark want your head. They slowly descend from the North. So, you better make friends soon and start gathering troops. Everybody (Luxor, Corleth, Morkin and Rorthron) starts at the Tower of the Moon, deep south. Luxor The Moonprince is your main person in this game.

The game is over when Luxor or Morkin are dead or when Doomdark's troops conquer the Tower of the Moon.

Whilst travelling through the vast land you'll encounter friends and foes (dragons, goblins). You need to shelter or rest when your men are tired. The stamina of your men depends on the surface you're travelling (woods, snowland, mountains). Travelling through mountains demands a lot of stamina.

Every character has his own strengths and weaknesses. You'll discover this after intensive playing. Luxor, for example, wears a Moon Ring, which protects him against the Frost Spell.

You can easily change to other members of your group by pressing some keys. Origi