Lords of Midnight
Keyboard layout
Not exactly a cheat, but a list of controls you'll need to play the game (the original came with a keyoard overlay)

1-8 Look in direction (N-NE-E-SE-S-SW-W-NW) Q Move in current direction
E Look in current direction R Think
T Choose U Night
S Save D Load
G Yes J No
Z Print (crashes most emulators) C Select Luxor
V Select Morkin B Select Corleth
N Select Rorthron M Select Other
In the 'Select Other' menu 1 The Lord of Gard
2 The Lord of Marakith 3 The Lord of Xajorkith
4 The Lord of Gloom 5 The Lord of Shimeril
6 The Lord of Kumar 7 The Lord of Ithrorn
8 The Lord of Dawn 9 The Lord of Dreams
0 The Lord of Dregrim Q Thrimrath the Fey
W The Lord of Whispers E The Lord of Shadows
R The Lord of Lothoril T Korinel the Fey
Y The Lord of Thrall U Lord Brith
I Lord Rorath O Lord Trorn
P The Lord of Morning A Lord Athoril
S Lord Blood D Lord Herath
F Lord Mitharg G The Utarg of Utarg
H Fawkrin the Skulkrin J Lorgrim the Wise
K Farflame the Dragonlord C Luxor the Moonprince
V Morkin N Corleth the Fey
M Rorthron the Wise


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