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Outrun (128k version)
ZX Spectrum
US Gold
Remember that big red Ferrari Testarossa? When the fair comes to town there is still a "luna park" which has one and I always give it a try. Kids from today find the graphics awful but back then this was a thrill.

And what a masterpiece this is. Even if you don't like racing games (or don't like Out Run at all) you have to admit that this is a technical miracle. Yes, people and magazine reviewers thought it was impossible to program this for the Speccie. But Probe, which had it's ups and downs back then, had definitely its ups with this one.

All the details are in: split roads at the beginning and the end, cars and trucks, side objects, different themes, hill effects, intro scenes and tunes, end-of-game scene with moody high score table (most of these things are not included in the C64 version, but then again the C64 version is badly programmed; Amazing Products did the job). Nonetheless the C64 version runs at a higher speed.

After each level you have to decide quickly which way to go. So there is some variation in the scenery and the difficulty level when you play it again. If you plan to stick to the road sequence you don't have that many multi-loads to do. But, with the ZX32 emulator, this is no problem.

Sequels: Turbo Outrun (1990), Outrun Europe (1991)

Your Sinclair:
RATING: 8/10


This rather smart loading screen counts down the tape's loading time

This'll be the desert level then ...

Is that a foot? No wonder the car's slow - it's powered
Fred Flintstone style!

Graphics: 93%

Sound: 97%

Gameplay: 75%

Overall: 88%
All are in and with great detail. The game runs at a slow pace but with most emulators you can speed it up. I don't do it (ruins the feeling). The only sounds missing are the "Get Ready" words. One of the best 128K AY music you'll ever hear. The only sound effects are the skidding and crashing sound, a bit of a let down. I never played the 48k version but I'm sure it loses a great deal overall. Getting further and obtaining a higher score is your main purpose here. Although a bit easy to complete (I reached stage 3 for my first game). Alternate routes keeps your interest high. Shame about the speed. A graphical masterpiece. Like Knight Lore a game that impressed my own C64 collection and my C64 friends. Let down by its speed.

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