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WEC Le Mans (128K version)
ZX Spectrum
US Gold
John Mullins
I've got the Zzap 64 (sorry, trashed all my Spectrum magazines back than) arcade review right here and I'm still impressed by the arcade graphics. The game has great skyline effects.

The Spectrum intro-screen reminds me immediately of that other racer Enduro Racer. It has the same letter fonts and controller options.

You are racing on the Le Mans track (obviously) where the purpose is to race and ... race. There is a time limit. Every lap has two check points (start and finish lane included) that extends your time. If time is up you are retired and are shown the track map with an animation which showes you how far you got.

The road effect is nicely done and everything runs smoothly. Compared to Test Drive, you can see the on-coming cars from far. The side scenery is very clear and recognisable.

The car has minimum animation (left, right and ahead) but also some small details (like the tyres). If you look carefully when the car crashes, you can see the two brand names on the car's sides. The other cars are all the same.

This game gets very repetitive with its one track. If you play this long enough you can drive also in the night with the headlights turned on but I never reached that far. Luckily there is high score to obtain so this keeps me coming back to play some more. Your score is not influenced by passing cars (like in Chase HQ).

Controls are responsive but you can easily play this game with the left and right key once you are at maximum speed. There is no speed loss when you release the throttle or when you take a corner. Shame.

Your Sinclair:
RATING: 9/10

If only the in-game graphics were this colourful ...

Alright, I haven't been playing for that long ... jeez ...

Think I'll take the shortcut

Graphics: 88%

Sound: 65%

Gameplay: 70%

Overall: 74%
Enduro Racer like graphics. Smooth road effect and side scenery, but since this is one track game (I guess) it gets repetitive quickly. Hi-score table at the end. Never heard the arcade version sounds but this 128k version is mediocre. A not so catchy Outrun tune and the sound effects are a let down. I don't know what to say. I really want to give this a high review score since the graphics are ok, but it misses some real action to keep you coming back. I only replay this game if someone beats my score, so please?! Nice looking little racer. Technically well done but gets repetitive after some time playing. Overrated back then, methinks.

R E C O M M E N D E D   A L T E R N A T I V E S
Enduro Racer • Chase HQ

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